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Meet Diane

Certified Professional Coach,

Registered Clinical Counsellor and

Chartered Professional in Human Resources

What am I all about?

I've told you a little more about my formal career path and my education below.  But a resume doesn't tell the whole story.  I have been through a lot in life - like many others - and I have felt really lost due to "stuff".  I've been on the couch so to speak.  I've not known what step to take next.  I've not slept at nights worrying about things.  I haven't known what really fills me up in terms of my purpose and also what blockages I was carrying with me.  I've used negative coping strategies so that I wouldn't have to face myself in the mirror.  I continue to face life's challenges.  Therefore, is it my education and work experience that will help you to make change?  I'm thinking that it's a combination of everything and that my "never-perfect" life journey also helps me to stay grounded and non-judgmental.  I've learned to listen on an intuitive level - with my heart - and an intellectual level - with my head.  This way, I can help with discovering what your heart is telling you, but also what makes practical sense; for example, what does the labour market offer in terms of opportunities?​

Career Trajectory (with hiccups for sure!)

I began my career working inside the walls of law firms as a legal assistant, which evolved into human resources and recruitment supporting private law firms, and government and corporate legal divisions.  I have had hundreds of conversations with employees from all walks of life with regards to finding their way to their next job, which included hearing about their dreams and life journeys.  I have also had exploratory conversations with HR managers and senior leaders from a variety of businesses with regards to their unique culture, best practices of their work teams, and the "ideal fit".  I continued on to build my own unique brand as a coach in law and have been hired by law firms to assist their staff for performance, outplacement, and leadership coaching.  Managers and staff on an independent basis have come to me for practice development, career and life transitions, and personal counselling in terms of stress and wellness.  I have been deeply ingrained in the legal community and have presented at BC Paralegal Association and BC Legal Management Association events, as well as being a consistent guest speaker at Vancouver Community College and Capilano University’s legal assistant and paralegal programs.  I have enjoyed my days in law immensely.  I have most recently been working with FSEAP - the largest non-profit EAP provider in Canada - as an Account Manager supporting organizations - both public and private - with regards to the mental health of their employees and their families.  


  • Registered Clinical Counsellor with the British Columbia Association of Clinical Counsellors (#15790)

  • Master of Counselling from Yorkville University

  • Chartered Professional in Human Resources ("CPHR") with the BCHRMA

  • Certified Professional Coaching Designation from SFU

  • Diploma in Human Resource Management from BCIT

  • Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Sociology from SFU

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