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Coaching and Counselling

as the Therapeutic Process

How does coaching and counselling, in combination, help you?  We use a current lens, looking at where you sit in your present-day circumstances and acknowledging the positive aspects of your life.  We then dig into where you would like to be in the future by unpacking some of the "gaps", and how we can move you to a place that would mean more to you.  In addition, if we feel it would be beneficial to you moving forward, we can also check into some of the "messages" which you were raised with, as just one example, as a way to provide some context.

What's Happening for You Now?

Do you feel "stuck"?  It could be for many reasons; each individual's struggles are completely unique.  That is why nothing can be "cookie-cutter" about this process!

Do you find yourself thinking, "There has to be more to life than this.  What is missing?"

Have you chosen your jobs or even your entire career just based on the fact that you have no idea what it is that you want or what you would be good at?

Are you wondering what career options would be good for you and if so, how do you make it all happen, in terms of education and steps to get there?

Do you realize that you have no work/life harmony and your personal relationships are suffering?

Have you felt yourself wondering why it is you don't feel quite right within your current organizational culture?  Are you struggling with difficult dynamics with senior management?

Living with Clarity

My Approach 


I use a combination of Positive Psychology, Motivational Interviewing and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy to create change.  My values align well with a positive psychology approach; we don't want to always be looking at "problems" and what isn't working; more importantly, we want to focus on building on your strengths because you have a lot of them - sometimes you just don't know how to identify them or you've forgotten to acknowledge them!  I believe that we all have a vast amount of resources within us; we just need some help in finding them.

The Process

You and I will work together collaboratively and I will support you in whatever way you are needing as this process is client-led and about you!  I will help to motivate you, but also to offer alternative ways of looking at situations if needed - in other words, I will gently challenge you to move beyond your comfort zone.



You will learn to:​

  • apply strategies to manage your stress,

  • check into limiting beliefs and your "inner critic",

  • set solid goals/action plans,

  • find more connection in your relationships, and

  • develop self-compassion.

All of this will help you to have more clarity and to ultimately build hope for the current and future day!​


Can you Remember that Kid in You?

When I was a young girl, one of my most special memories was vacationing at Disneyland, and the awe and the wonder that I experienced at that time, has never left me as to how I view life.  I do know that we face huge challenges at times and that life is, let's face it, hard.  I've been through my own heartache and painful times.  And yet, I can't seem to shake that one of our most important life quests is to follow our dreams and find our true selves, in spite of the strife.  I would be honoured if I could assist you with this next chapter of your life story and to help you find more joy in your life!

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