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Create a Life that Means More to You

Coaching and Counselling with Diane Cronk

Meet Diane


With my background in human resources, coaching, clinical counselling, entrepreneurship and recruitment, I know the demands working professionals face.  I have helped people from a vast array of lived experiences and assisted many with workplace issues and career development/job search decisions and transitions.  Although anything under the workplace umbrella is my area of speciality, life and work are closely intertwined, and therefore, I also support many who struggle with stress and anxiety, relationship issues, family dynamics, self-confidence, etc.  Please see additional pages on this site for more information!

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My Areas of Speciality

Purpose and Meaning

What are my values? What is life all about?  What do I want?

Leadership and Performance

 What do I need to learn to be a better leader? What are my blind spots?

Stress and Anxiety

Why am I feeling so overwhelmed?

Why do I feel stressed one day and sad the next?

Relationship Issues

Why don't I feel like I fit with my team?

How do I juggle work and spending time with my family?

Life and Career  Transitions/


What are my options?  

Where am I going?

How do I make a decision?

Work Desk

"Life begins at the end of your comfort zone." - Neale Donald Walsch

I am a manager at a large financial institution and I approached Diane in my journey towards seeking a career change that is a true confluence of my values, skills and aspirations.  From the very beginning, Diane was attentive, understanding, kind and had a unique ability to ask the right questions with empathy, not judgment.  During our time together, I felt reassured that I had Diane as a partner who could professionally guide me through the process of seeking a new career.  Diane is someone who truly cares and wants you to succeed.  I have now found what originally seemed like an elusive job opportunity and would like to thank Diane for her support and guidance in helping me reach my goal.

Manager, Large Financial Institution

"I currently serve as director of human resources for a well-recognized law firm and have had the pleasure of working with Diane for many years. Diane is a multi-talented HR professional and passionate, gifted coach. In addition to her natural ability to source top talent, she possesses exceptional relationship management skills. Her warmth, superior listening skills, honesty, and discretion make her extremely approachable. She is a well-respected leader in the legal community and I highly recommend Diane."

Director of HR

"Working with my career coach really helped give me a sense of direction of what I am looking for in a career. The assignments I worked on helped me build a clear picture of what my job searching goals are, and helped me develop a strong strategy for my job search. My overall experience working with Diane was excellent – It helped me get to where I am today with a career that makes me feel good about what I am doing."

Career Client Wishing to Transition Out of Corporate

Let’s Begin!

Do we fit?  Do you feel comfortable when you talk to me?  Do I feel that your concerns are in my wheelhouse?

In order to schedule a 1/2 hour free consultation, would you kindly email me at my email address of  This is the best way to reach me.   Thank you for your interest!  I'm looking forward to learning more about you!



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