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"Over the years I have worked with Diane Cronk, I have relied on her expertise and advice to help me move ahead in my career. Diane is not just adept in the recruiting department but is a very skilled professional counsellor with a Masters Degree.  In the past couple of years, I have navigated changes in my personal life and decided to change career direction. Diane assisted and guided me on the professional front to the utmost extent. However, it is with great appreciation and utmost gratitude that I must bring attention to her other skills. Diane’s personal attention, counselling and advice in areas other than job development were life saving for me. She enabled me to believe in myself at a time when I did not even realize I was losing that ability. With her support and her deep understanding of the effects of personal life changes I was able to gain courage to move ahead in ways I had not realized were possible. Diane is able to listen deeply and provide effective feedback due to the level of her ability to discern the needs of her clients on levels they may not be aware of. This is not something one necessarily expects.  I would like to thank Diane for the most helpful services I have ever received. I recommend Diane with deep respect.  Sincerely,  A Very Appreciative Client"

Client Seeking Career Change

"I am the HR Manager for a large organization.  Diane provided our organization with support for some very difficult terminations.  She coached our management team on how to conduct the notification meetings; provided onsite counselling and support to assist the employees to cope with the impact; supported the employees through dignified exits and continued with taking the employees (as part of their severance package) through a number of coaching sessions and a formalized process to transition them successfully into other opportunities.  Diane’s human resources, coaching, and counselling background gives her a unique set of skills and abilities. She is knowledgeable, encouraging, and responsive in every aspect of coaching and outplacement.  Her compassion, skill, and professionalism effectively creates an unbiased and trusting environment.  On a personal level, Diane’s coaching has also greatly benefitted me as an individual as she has helped me develop and grow to be a more confident HR professional."

HR Manager, Large Organization

"I retained Diane when I was ready to sell my law practice and transition in a new lawyer. Diane's skill set is impressive: she was a legal assistant and human resources consultant and is also a clinical counsellor. It's not easy to let go of a long-term practice, and it's not easy to learn to let go of workaholic tendencies. I am so grateful for Diane's thoughtful and practical coaching before and during the sale and transition of my practice - and for helping me work through the accompanying changes in my personal life. Working with Diane during changing times may be one of the best business and personal decisions a person can make."

Private Practitioner Legal






"Thank you so much for your assistance Diane. Forever embrace your compassionate attributes. It really goes a long way. ​I really like and enjoy working with Diane as my coach. She is professional and honest at all times. She makes herself available to you ..."

Career Coaching Client

"I am the Operations Manager for a mid-sized Vancouver law firm and have had the great fortune of working and collaborating with Diane Cronk many times. I am responsible for all of the recruiting and hiring at my firm, and I have called on Diane for help with that process many times. The candidates that she found for me were always appropriate for the role I was trying to fill. She took the time to really get to know the firm’s needs as well as the suitability of each candidate for that role. The candidates were well prepared for their interviews when I met with them. Our firm has also hired Diane to do outplacement/employment coaching with great success. Diane is one of, if not THE most approachable, supportive and intuitive people I have come across in the world of employment coaching and recruiting."

Operations Manager, Law Firm






"I would highly, highly recommend Diane. On that note, thank you again for setting me on the path of self discovery and self love."

Career Transition Client

"A 20 year veteran as Law Firm Administrator and 4 years driving her own law firm operations advisory business, I know Diane as a seasoned HR service provider and recruiter, presenter for BC Legal Management Association events, and as a coach, for many legal industry colleagues.  Diane's reputation as a "selfless" human resources provider was unique. The legal industry was mired in the battle of "capture human capital". Firms were looking and luring employees from other firms. The available workforce jumped from one firm to another. While most recruitment agencies were playing off this frenzy, Diane never compromised her integrity to find the "right fit". Always with the client's best interest in mind, her candidates never wasted anyone's time. She took the time to understand the desired organizational culture and what she delivered was always successful. Of course, her coaching approach and counselling skills assisted her clients beyond the placement.  Nothing seemed to faze her, no matter how frantic I, or my colleagues, were trying to fill a position. She was a sea of calm among the human talent war, tackling each placement with a smile. Oh and, Diane always took the time to get to know her clients on a personal level as well. This forged true friendships as well as professional ones. My colleagues in the industry, of course, talked a lot about "Diane at Arlyn" a favourite service provider. Success stories are many.  I happily recommend Diane Cronk to tackle any kind of human resources or organizational challenge, especially those involving coaching and counselling. Human relationships take time to build and mend. With Diane, the solution to the challenges is made easier and expedient."

Law Firm Administrator

"Diane has given me phenomenal support in helping me go through my grief of the sudden loss of my work.  She is very compassionate and warm, and she helped me to focus on my strengths.  I noticed that I was really comfortable around Diane…I didn’t feel judged at all, and really felt that she knew what she was talking about. This enabled me to open up and be more honest than I ever had been before with anyone else (myself included).  I always felt encouraged and empowered after my session with Diane!  Thank you Diane!"

Career Transition Client







"The minute I sat down with Diane, I knew I was in the presence of someone with compassion, intelligence and a deep commitment to being a positive force in people’s lives. At the time, I was facing one of the biggest changes in my life. After two decades with the same organization, due to a merger, I was a senior-level executive in need of a new path forward. Confident and successful as I was, I found myself struggling with self-doubt and unsure of my next steps. Diane quickly helped me see the possibilities in front of me. She challenged me to question everything and rule out nothing. She encouraged me to take charge of my situation and own my personal and professional narrative. There was a lot of laughter and a few tears, and there was the homework and hours of self-reflection, but with Diane’s guidance, I got in touch with so much more than where my next job would be. For the first time in years, I was in touch with who I was — beyond my professional identity, as substantive as it was. As it happened, my next job launched me into a whole new ecosystem of innovation and leadership potential, in a part of the world where I’d always wanted to live, doing work that had meaningful impact. Could I have imagined that without Diane’s coaching and expertise? Yes — I have a great imagination! But I wouldn’t have taken the real and necessary steps to getting there without her partnership and commitment to turning my 'what ifs' into 'why nots'."

Career Transition Client

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